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What Is A Pee Bot?

    A Pee Bot is a simple device with one goal: to deter pets such as cats and dogs, from peeing in a location.

    This is accomplished by spraying the pet with a quick burst of water. Keeping the location nice and dry.

     Setup is quick and simple. First fill the sprayer with water. Then plug in the Pee Bot. That is all that it takes to get the Pee Bot up and running!


How It Works

   As mentioned above, the Pee Bot combines two modules in order to deter pets.

   The first senses when a pet is near. When that occurs, the other module sprays the pet with water.

    The Pee Bot also includes a smart object detection system, which prevents the device from unnecessarily spraying stationary objects.

    Rest assured, the Pee Bot comes equipped with status lights, that will notify you when it is low on water. Ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the device. 

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